Football and music – two forms of art that share a mission of bringing people together throughout the world and have built up a synergetic relationship over the years. At COPA these cultural scenes have come together in the form of collaborations with the likes of Sir Elton John, Pearl Jam, Metallica & Martin Garrix. The latest addition to this line-up is none other than German Techno legend Paul Kalkbrenner.

Together with Kalkbrenner we have designed and produced a football shirt that captures the essence of his identity as both an artist and avid football lover

Presenting the Paul Kalkbrenner x COPA shirt. Styled after the famed Mannschaft’s football shirt of the late 80’s and early 90’s, swapping out its usual strokes for EQ bars in the national colours. The shirt is available via pre-sale exclusively through Kalkbrenner’s mobile app PK BAZE