30 years after Diego Armando Maradona first brought the Scudetto to Naples, our friends of Mundial paid the city a visit. They found a place still deeply in love with their adopted Argentinian son. A city that lives and breathes football. A city that was on the brink of recapturing that moment of bliss, three decades on. With Napoli tantalisingly close to, once again, realising their dream of becoming champions of Serie A, we have teamed up with Mundial to produce our own take on the greatest Napoli shirt of all time.

We have collaborated with our friends at Mundial again. Like us, they adore Calcio, especially as it was back in the 80s and 90s. That's why we chose to pay tribute to the Rossoneri together. Channel your inner calciatore. Get the hang of catenaccio. Or make yourself feel a little bit like a true trequartista.