Football's 50 Most Important Moments

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Football is more than just a game. Over the past 150 years, it has become a source of identity, conflict, and debate for all who follow and play it. It has reached the farthest corners of the globe and boasts more players and supporters than any other sport. Football's 50 Most Important Moments charts the illustrious, colorful, and often tragic history of football, uncovering the sport's most significant and staggering moments.

Starting in Victorian England with the 1857 introduction of modern football, we journey through 160 years of incredible events to the modern day, where new and innovative ideas are changing the game. Since its creation, football has been shaped by the actions of teams, supporters, and of course, remarkable individuals on and off the pitch. Whether through mass spectatorship at the 1923 'White Horse Final' or the infamous 'Hand of God' in 1986, football has never failed to amaze and inspire.

Learn about its evolution from its modest 19th-century roots to the modern age of nine-figure transfer fees and billionaire

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